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We are breaking the "norm" cycle and focusing on ethical and visionary investing

Alex  Kaminsky
Alex Kaminsky

General Visionary Orbit




Big picture thinking expert, visionary enterpreneur, investor, physicist

Evgenia Otchkovskaya
Evgenia Otchkovskaya

Marketing Intelligence Orbit

Moscow - New-York - London


Sociology (MSU, Moscow)
Masters in Integrated Marketing. Concentration area: Digital marketing and Analytics (New York University)

Olga Kotsur
Olga Kotsur

Omni-channel orbit



MIPT, NES (New Economic School), MBA Harvard Business School

Alexander Milin
Alexander Milin

Entrepreneurship and Turnaround situations Orbit



Executive MBA Columbia University (New York) & London Business School

There are many professionals, who know "what" to do and "how" to do it. We are aware of those as well. But we prefer to focus on the question "why". The practice shows that success in any doing ultimately depends on a correct answer to the question of "why?".

We combine professional innovative thinking, hands-on business experience, a global outlook, and scientific imagination to achieve good results. Through this prism tasks and projects, can be viewed from a completely new perspective. This is how the best solutions are found.

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