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As complexity increases, precise statements lose meaning, and meaningful statements lose precision.

Definition: Complicated vs Complex

COMPLICATED is "layperson's complication"

The term 'COMPLICATED' suggests the presence of numerous elements, connections, and interdependencies within the system, all of which nevertheless can be identified and the rules of their interaction can also be determined precisely. It's crucial to note that solely an abundance of parts doesn't inherently make understanding or analysis difficult. These details may be organized in a way that is 'clear' or even 'very simple' for professionally trained experts.
* For instance, repairing an airplane or organizing accounting without the necessary knowledge is undoubtedly complicated. However, once you've acquired the knowledge, you can do it and replicate the solution algorithmically as needed. To address such complicated problems, companies assemble teams of professionals who possess the necessary 'know-how.'


COMPLEXITY is when nothing is accurately determined.

Complexity arises when a system also includes many interrelated elements, but determining exactly how they relate or influence each other is impossible. In some cases, even identifying all the elements is an insurmountable task. Complexity is not just a set of parts and also not their sum. It is a chain of dynamic interactions that give rise to new, often unpredictable phenomena—emergent properties with minimum specific predictability, indicating a minimum of concrecity.
* Thus, the nature of this complexity is inherently abstract, reflecting the abstract characteristics of the elements involved.

This abstraction conceals primary challenges, both the macro and micro "black swans" - risks that, by definition, cannot be entirely mitigated through expert knowledge alone.

Consequently, addressing the origin of this complexity requires active engagement with abstraction, whether it aligns with your preferences or not.

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